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Help! My wife suggested we tried swinging!!

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I thought the things were going well, for a couple who’s been married for 14 years. Now she wants us to become swingers. She even has this specific couple in mind. They are already heavily into the lifestyle and she wants to start with them and then have them take us to these super-exclusive swing parties. I don’t really want to do this. It does sound fun, of course, but there is so much that can go wrong. We can end up hating each other’s guts. But she’s really insisting and getting angry that I’m not as into it as she is. She even called be a weakling. What should I do.

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  1. You should show her what a man you are and tell her that you feel no need to sleep with anyone else. No one should be pushed into doing anything. Ask her what she would feel like if you were forcing her to do something she doesn’t want. If you have a healthy marriage, she’ll understand.

    Cyrano85 - Mar 07, 2017 | Reply

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