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My cuckoldress wife blames me for her cheating

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It doesn’t seem fair to me. At first she kept her cheating a secret, like most women. Then when she got busted she explained why she does it and offered me a role in it, which I refused at first and then I got into it so we did the classic cuckold couple thing for a while and then it all went south and we separated. Obviously I won’t get into much detail but now she blames me for our failed marriage. She says if I was enough of a man none of this would have happened. Of course, this is the standard cuckoldress talk but I thought we left those roles behind and that she can be honest and open with me, finally. But apparently not. Do you think that maybe she’s right? Am I really the one to blame?

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  1. No, you are not. Move on to someone who’ll respect you.

    Marcel - Mar 10, 2017 | Reply

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