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What does a real life cuckold lifestyle look like?

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  1. I can’t speak for anyone but for myself so here goes..My wife and I have been into cuckolding for two years. Before that we were just a regular vanilla couple. Boring and “normal”.How we got into this lifestyle is another story, but here is what it looks like. Occasionally, like once a week or so, my wife goes out with this man she picked. They have a drink or two and then go to his place to have sex, o they skip the dinks and she just goes to him. Our agreement is that she is not to spend the whole night with him and she always has to come home afterwards. Everything else is on her. When she comes home, she undresses and makes me lick her and eat the man’s sperm from her vagina and anus and thighs. She makes me clean her with a washcloth and then, and only then, she allows me to have sex with her. As we do it, she calls his name and yells insults at me, especially regarding my small penis and fat belly. This makes me very excited so the sex never lasts more than a minute or two. We used to have sex outside of her adventures with her bull, but that stopped some time ago. Now she only lets me inside of her after she gets home from a date with him. She is no longer giving me head, as our sex only serves to pleasure her. Sometimes she records a video of her having sex with her bull with her cellphone and makes me watch and masturbate to it. Our relationship, both in and outside of our sex life, is very harmonious and we actually both agree it’s better than ever.

    Professor - Jan 13, 2017 | Reply

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